Why A Mouth Guard/ Athletic Guard?

Mouth guards help reduce the incidence of sports related injuries, such as severe concussions, broken teeth, and injuries to the lips, tongue, face, and jaw. The Academy of Sports Dentistry recommends that anyone participating in high-impact sports - like football, ice hockey, wrestling, and martial arts - should have properly fitted mouth pieces where oral-facial injury is a risk. Properly fitted mouth guards should not impede on athletic performance, the ability to talk, or breath.

Custom-Made vs. Store Bought:

Custom-Made Devices: These guards are made in-office by a dentist using impressions taken of the athlete's teeth. Since each of these mouth guards are tailored to meet the unique needs of an individual, they provide the most comfort, fit and best protection against injuries. They are more durable than most over-the-counter products.Custom-made devices can be customized in more ways than one!

Additives include:

  • Custom Logos on the Mouth Guard
  • Color Preference
  • Design
  • Thickness - this is useful to adhere to the type of sport the athlete is participating in

Stock Guards (Store Bought): These types of mouth guards are made of rubber and are made in a limited number of sizes that cannot be altered to improve fit. These types offer the least amount of protection and interfere with breathing and speech.

Boil & Bite Guards (Store Bought): These mouth guards are better fitted than stock guards because they are formed to the teeth via pressure from the mouth and fingers when the device is heated then cooled in the athlete's mouth. While these offer more protection than stock guards and are less expensive than custom made devices, Boil & Bite guards are usually bulky and uncomfortable; they also interfere with breathing and speech. Protection is also limited in these guards because the thickness of the guard decreases based on size of the individual's teeth and depth of their bite.

For maximal protection and comfort, custom-made devices are highly recommended since they are tailored to each individuals' needs.

How Much Do They Cost?
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